High school of fashion industry

  Getting High with the Lures of School and the Fashion Industry

  Through the years, more and more people have shown a great deal of interest in venturing into the fashion industry. Its popularity may be attributed in part to success stories of famous fashion designers the world over, like Tommy Hilfiger's.

Moda de Italia: All about Italian Fashion and Design Schools

  If England has Rumpelstiltskin who spins gold fabrics, Italy has Count Giorgini who spun the fabrics of the fairytale story of Italian Fashion. The remarkable date was on February 25, 1951 when a fashion show was staged by the Italian legend in front of a global audience in the beautiful city of Florence.

  What has the Count done for fashion in Italy?

Miss Ekaterina Mukhina - FW - Paris

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     Ekaterina Mukhina - FW - Paris
Photos by Easy Fashion Fred

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