Making a Career in Fashion Designing

Opportunities of Employment for a Trained Fashion Designer :

  • Self employment.
  • Export houses.
  • Garment store retail chains.
  • Textile mills.
  • Fashion boutiques.
  • Jewelry houses.
  • Leather factories and stores.
  • Media houses.
Niche Areas of Education in Fashion Designing :
Professional courses are available in various niche areas of Fashion Designing. These may be classified as under :
  • Garment Manufacturing Technology.
  • Textile Science.
  • Fabric Dyeing, Color Mixing and Printing.
  • Computer Aided Designing.
  • Apparel Construction Technology.
  • Garment Design.
  • Leather Design.
  • Leather Technology.
  • Footwear Design.
  • Accessory Design.
  • Jewelry Design.
Standards and Methods for Choosing a Fashion Design School :
  • Identify your area of interest. Make a list of schools in your area/ state/ country
  • which offer courses in your areas of interest.
  • Check out the schools on criteria like education reviews, location, prices,
  • placement records, and student reviews etc.
  • Research the schools of your choice thoroughly through magazines, Internet and
  • others.
  • Make a list of all Fashion Schools of your choice and allot them a rank in order of
  • your preference.
  • Take a tour of the schools of your choice and gather first-hand information on
  • teachers, educational facilities, recreational amenities and students’ response.
  • If you somehow cannot visit the schools personally take a virtual tour of the
  • school on the Internet. Most schools have these on their websites.
  • Read reviews of your chosen schools. Some good educational magazines carry
  • Check out the schools on scholarships options.
  • Find if the schools have an entrance test or direct application method of
  • accepting students.
  • Apply to the schools of your choice and remain optimistic.
Expected Salary and Financial Returns in Fashion Designing: While the average Fashion Designers can expect returns anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 per year, this is really not a benchmark. Big designers earn in millions of dollars. This is perhaps the most enticing factor for young people who join the Fashion Industry. However, it is important to know that such levels of financial success are attained only after a great body of work. Beginners should be ready to work with opportunities providing modest beginnings to the simple tunes of $5000 per year, and even lower.

A career in Fashion Industry as a Fashion Designer can be extremely gratifying. So, take the leap if you have it in you.


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