Fashion Design : Property View of Fashion Design

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Fashion Design
  Is fashion design property? We mentioned the fashion industry is a profitable business, which annually earns hundreds of billions of dollars. However, such fact cannot directly prove that fashion design is property. Property is considered the most fundamental of real rights; an owner of a property has a right to use, benefit, transfer or sell the property, and a right to exclude others from doing these things to the property. Property implies the right to complete control of the good. Property rights are not defined as relations between men and things, but behavioural relations among men that arise from the existence of things. The property right is the set of economic and social relations with respect to the utilization of scarce resources. So here comes the question, are fashion design scarce resources which need to be protected as the property right?

  Scarcity is explicitly the rationale for modern law and economics. Scarcity is a problem generated between unlimited human wants and limited resources. There are two kinds of scarcity: natural scarcity and artificial scarcity . Nowadays, people need almost uninterrupted new fashion design. Meanwhile, there are a limited number of designers could spend limited time and mental works to create limited new fashion design. There is an artificial scarcity that exists in the  fashion design.

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