Bvlgari weird spelled an exceptional perfume

  Probably the most bizarre spelled perfume name ever, sometimes, if you try to find information on Bvlgari perfume, you will need to search for “Bulgari perfume”,as well as Bvlgari. It is in the nature of our brains to seek and make order out of chaos. “Bvl” just doesn’t have a phonetic equivalent. But “Bul” does, and so perfume sellers continue to market “Bulgari perfume” although this is a misspelling of the product.

Appearing Girlish By Dressing In A Girlish Style

  People want to remain looking youthful for as long as they can, and they would do anything to attain it at whatever price they can afford.  A lot of them do not acknowledge that sometimes, all it takes is rethinking one's wardrobe and dressing young.

Miss Colorful Barbara - Grand-Palais - Paris

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      Colorful Barbara - Grand-Palais - Paris
Photo by Easy Fashion Fred


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