Fashion Design : The Uses of a Fashion Design Portfolio

  Fashion design portfolios have different end uses depending on the market for particular talents and skills. Different end uses lead to different expectations on the part of the person or people
reviewing a portfolio.

  Your student portfolio, where you assemble your work for different courses, will be different from your exit portfolio from college. As you enter each stage of advancement in your career, you will update your portfolio. It will become an ongoing process.
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  Different end uses for portfolios include the following :
  • Placement into college or graduate school.
  • National or international design competitions.
  • Exit interview from college.
  • Interview with a job placement counselor.
  • Interview with a head hunter.
  • Assistant design internship (paying or nonpaying) while in college or after graduation.
  • Entry-level position in the industry: assistant designer or assistant tech designer.
  • Entry-level position in the industry as a first patternmaker or an assistant draper: sometimes a designer will interview for a position as a first pattern maker or assistant draper as an option to building a career in patternmaking or draping instead of design or as a foot in the door to become an assistant designer.

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