Fashion Trends for 2012 - What's the Hottest This Year

  People will always crave for the best and hottest trends in fashion. For 2012, the latest fashion news declares some of the most unique yet desirable trends for fashion setters to relish as they strut down the street. Such trends include skinny jeans, pleated skirts, metallic shades, metallic blazers, and bold accessories.
Skinny Jeans
  This piece will always remain stylish since its flatters all body shapes and sizes. Just make sure that it is matched with a beautiful top. Some of the best tops for a pair of skinny jeans are flowing blouses, tunic top, and tuxedo blazers. All this will make anyone in skinny jeans look fabulous. The ideal skinny pair is dark wash type, since it is the most flattering.
Pleated Skirts
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  Women might want to invest in some pleated skirts in 2012. They must choose one that falls below the knees in order for it to be worn in any type of season. During summer, ladies can wear pleated skirts with sleeveless blouse tops and naked sandals. In winter, they can try on a pair of stockings with the pleated skirt. On the other hand, cashmere sweater that is worn on top of a collar blouse and matched with a simple pleated skirt will make any lady look radiant during winter season.
Metallic Shades
  Metallic shades have always been the rage every year. 2012 is certainly not an exception. Some of the most attractive and flattering metallic shades of all types and shapes are silver, brass, rose, and pewter.
Metallic Blazers
  Metallic blazers, as well as similar pieces such as metallic tanks and skirts are certainly wise investments, since they can be matched with many clothes and items that are found in any wardrobe.
  Anyone can match her metallic blazer with even the simplest t-shirt and pair of denim jeans. She must put on a pair of middle-rise boots and carry a small purse, and she is ready to show off her edgy look. Any metallic skirt matched with bow-tie blouse and black shoes offers a cool look as well.
Bold Accessories
  Such accessories are effective and savvy ways of enhancing any look in a radical manner. Women must make sure that they use uniquely bold and vibrant accessories in order to bring out the wow factor in them. Some of the best and most appropriate bold accessories are multi-colored bead necklaces and over sized bracelets. Needless to say, rules in fashion are thrown out of the window when dealing with bold accessories.
  Indeed, this 2012, the latest fashion news advises people to try these innovative fashion wears that will certainly revamp their wardrobe in a major way. With this year's trends, everyone simply becomes bold, daring, and edgy, as they take their fashion sense several notches higher.
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