DIY guide : Draped skirt

   Here you will get the long awaited DIY guide to tying a draped skirt, which I first showed in a cross from Crete. I've been using an old scarf from H & M, but you have not a scarf in the style, you can buy a long piece of jersey fabric in a drug store very cheap. My scarf is 2.5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide and then I folded it in half so it is only 75 cm wide. If you buy a piece of cloth that is slightly thicker, you do not fold it in half, it just is not transparent, of course :)

   I hope you like the wizard and it is to understand, otherwise you ask just. After step 5 do you put a hairpin at the closure, so the skirt stays in place. It would be a pretty sight if it suddenly fell off in the middle of the dance floor in town, haha! The trick is to tie it as tightly as possible. Finally, you can pull down the sides so that it has the desired length.

   Here is a DIY guide on how-to tie a draped skirt. I've used an old scarf from H & M, but if you have the an old piece of jersey, it's just fine. My scarf is 75 cm wide after I folded it on the middle and 2.5 m long. You have to keep it as tight muligt, so it stays in place. Finally you place a hairpin on top of your closure, two makesure it will not fall off when you're going crazy on the dance floor :)


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