Natalie Portman Articles

"The Enchanting Little Princess"
The New York Times Magazine [United States] (7 November 2004), by Melanie Thernstrom
"Natalie Portman: Déjà star à 17 ans"
Star inc. Magazine [Canada] (May 1999), page 26-28
"America's Sweetheart"
The Sunday Times Magazine [United Kingdom] (28 April 2002), by Christopher Goodwin
"20 pramata pou den kserame gia tin Natalie Portman"
Epsilon Magazine [Greece] (20 February 2005), page 84,85, by Korina Vassilopoulou
"Natalie Portman niks mis mee"
TVFilm Magazine [Netherlands] (14 May 2005), page 8-9, by Janneke Leber
"Natalie Portman préfère être chauve"
Metro Magazine [Belgium] (18 May 2005), page 16
"Natalie Portman: Starlet"
Dolly Magazine [Australia] (August 1999)
"Natalie Portman zet er vaart achter"
Mikro Gids Magazine [Netherlands] (26 February 2005), page 9, by Fred van Doorn
''Magazine Article 29636''
Total Film Magazine [Hungary] (March 2000), page 19, by Gábor Köves
"La Belle Natalie"
W Magazine [United States] (May 2005), page 154-163, by Jenny Comita
"Film Star of the Week: Natalie Portman"
Radio Times Magazine [United Kingdom] (18 March 2006), page 35, by Barry Norman
"Az Erõ királynõje"
Cinema Magazine [Hungary] (September 1999), page 54-55, by Oliver O'Neil
Magazine Article 29644
Cinema Magazine [Germany] (1999), page 62-63
"The Private Life of Natalie Portman"
Rolling Stone Magazine [United States] (20 June 2002), page 52-58, by Chris Heath
"Queen Of Heart"
Entertainment Weekly Magazine [United States] (21 April 2000), page 28-33, by Jeff Jensen
"Natalie Wouldn't"
Entertainment Weekly Magazine [United States] (26 January 1996), by Tom Russo
"Nab Natalie's Sleek Chic"
Cosmopolitan Magazine [United States] (August 1999), page 86
"A bolygóközi királynõ"
Cosmopolitan Magazine [Hungary] (September 1999), page 22, by Mária Varga
"Naturally Natalie"
TV Guide Magazine [United States] (11 May 2002), page 24-27+60, by Ileane Rudolph
"Star Wars Special: The Queen"
TV Guide Magazine [United States] (15 May 1999), page 20-24, by Frank DeCaro
"Natalie Rising"
Harpers Bazaar Magazine [United States] (November 1997), by David Sims
"lone star rising"
Seventeen Magazine [United States] (June 2000), page 134-136+138, by Kenneth Willardt
"On Friends, Fame and how Anne Frank made her a better human being."
Seventeen Magazine [United States] (January 1998), page 71-73, by Natalie Portman
"What I've Learned (So Far)"
Parade Magazine [United States] (28 October 2007), page 6-9, by Natalie Portman
"The Girl Who Would Be Queen"
Premiere Magazine [United States] (June 2002), page 56-59+100, by David Lipsky
"The Girl Who Would Be Queen"
Premiere Magazine [United States] (May 2002), by David Lipsky
""I, Natalie""
Movieline's Hollywood Life Magazine [United States] (November 2005), page 47, by Murgatroyd

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