How To Shop For Fashion Accessories - On A Budget

Anyone who loves fashion knows how expensive it can be. Casting an envious eye towards the catwalks of Milan, New York and London, dedicated fashionistas will completely overhaul their wardrobe at least twice a year to reflect the latest trends as dictated by their favourite designers.
Overhauling your wardrobe to reflect the latest Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter styles is guaranteed to make sure you're at the cutting edge of style and the envy of fellow high-street dwellers everywhere - oh, and it'll also ensure that you're broke all the time too.
Unless you're making the kind of salary commanded by a world famous pop star or supermodel, the chances are you won't be able to keep up with the latest fashions and keep your bank account in the black. Or can you?
The fact is that while buying the latest designer fashion accessories usually comes with a complimentary one-way ticket to your bank manager's bad books, there are ways to look bang on trend without spending the average GDP of a small country. Here are just a few...
High Street and Online Retailers are Your Friend
Weaning yourself off the opulent teat of designer fashion can seem difficult... until you see the wealth of near-identical pieces on the high street at a fraction of the cost. Go online, and the chances are you'll find even more pieces inspired by designer fashion, perfect for looking stylish and saving a few quid.
Oh, and if you must go designer, keep an eye out for the lines that various designers create for high street stores. Be quick though; these cut-price collections offer sell out quicker than they come in!
Shop Around
And now for a fashion secret; a lot of fashion retailers get their stock from the same suppliers. Shocking, but true. Most retailers will set the retail price of these pieces at a similar level, but there's always the off chance that one rogue retailer has decided to up the price or a generous soul has cut the price. Never settle for the first piece you find in the first shop you visit; shop around for a bargain!
Know Exactly What You're Shopping For
How many times have you been shopping just for the sake of 'going shopping'? While shopping is great fun, going shopping with no idea of what you're going to buy is a fast track route to maxing out your credit card.
Taking a cue from our more masculine counterparts, a good shopping policy for the budget-conscious fashionista is to plan exactly what you're going to buy and only buy items on your list. Less fun? Sure. But also a lot cheaper.
So there you have it, three quickfire tips to start making savings on your fashion accessory expenses today. Who knows, once you start saving, you may even come up with some tips of your own!
Christopher Joseph Smith is writing on behalf of Accessoryo, retailers specialising in fashion accessories


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